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After more than 22 years working as a Clinical Social Worker for Montgomery County, I left my job (October 2010) and started working for myself. With the help of my coaches, I combined my skills and experience with my passion for trekking to create the Trek of Your Life programs to coach professionals to find joy and excitement in the next part of their lives.


My first step on my journey, was flying to see my son at the University of Colorado. By chance, I picked up a Sports Illustrated to read. (I never read Sport Illustrated) I read an article written about trekking in Nepal. Something clicked. For some reason, I decided to go to Nepal when I was 50. Like most people, I didn't think I had the time, money, or ability to take a trip like that. Now, I realize, that having intention opens up doors. I thought it would be a once in a life time experience. I was wrong. I loved it and have been back many times. Each trip was transformative for me.

In 2009, I took a trip to the Kham Region in Central Tibet. After I came back, I had the idea to create a socially conscious travel trip to Nepal for my coaching clients. Remembering, my trip to Everest in 2004, I contacted Steve Webster from to see what he thought of my idea. He loved it and planned the trip with me. Steve lead the trek I took to Everest, is married to a Nepalese woman, has two children and has lived in Nepal for over 20 years.

In June, 2010, my coach urged me to pick a date to leave my job and write an exit plan. I did. Part of the plan was to go to Nepal for a month to trek in Mustang. After the trek, I stayed with Steve at his Shiva Puri Lodge, visited the hotels, and finalized the plans for the socially conscious travel trip to Katmandu in 2011.

I love adventure and travel. In the last few years, I've trekked in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and celebrated the Millennium New Year's Eve 2000 at the pyramids in Egypt. Earlier in my life, I spent several months traveling and working in Europe. Then, I lived two years in Tunisia as a Peace Corps staff wife. In 2004, I fulfilled a life long dream and went to Ukraine with the Peace Corps. Since I returned from Ukraine, I've worked on the advisory board for Coaching the Global Village and Sapphire Alliance as a coach. I've worked as a coach and consultant with leaders, small business owners, and people interested in making big changes for the last eight years.

As a certified life coach and licensed clinical social worker. I have extensive training in communication skills, facilitating groups and projects, psychology, Ayurvedic principles and practices. In addition to coaching, I organize yearly socially conscious travel trips to Kathmandu, Nepal. Whether or not you join me for one of my socially conscious travel trips, you can take small steps that may lead to big changes in your life right where you are. Now is the time! Life can only get better!

Sydney started collaborating with other groups in 2011 to support the Dadagaun Village located near Kathmandu. She became a Board member of the Basa Village Foundation in 2013. . After several years carefully building trust with staff members working for NGO’s rescuing survivors of human trafficking in Kathmandu, Sydney works with these groups on an ongoing basis: ,, 

Sydney was interviewed on Kingston, NY Radio. Listen to the show

View my complete resume.

NOte: As of 2023, Sydney has closed her practice.

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