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Event Announcement: Tea and Talk


Traveling to Nepal can be a soul searching experience. The Trek of Your Life enjoyed sight-seeing, hiking, yoga and volunteering. Nepal is one the poorest countries outside of Africa. The average salary is $1 per day and the National Literacy Rate is below 50 percent. In spite of this, Nepal is known for its beauty and being a beacon for peace. It is known for understanding and harmony between different ethnic groups and religions. Spirituality, community and family are cultural values. We found the Nepalese to be the gentlest and toughest people we know. Their emotional honesty has had a powerful and lasting effect on the four of us. We loved their warmth and sweetness.

Find out about this amazing trip to Nepal last October. You can sip Sherpa tea while learning about voluntourism and listening to the group’s adventures. You will have time to ask questions.

DATE: February 12, 2012 TIME: 1 p.m.-2 p.m. PLACE: Follow Your Heart Yoga 13097 Wisteria Drive #203 Germantown, MD

Register for this free talk at: Follow Your Heart Yoga

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