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Good news from Go Philanpthropic

Go Philanthropic seleced Dadagaun Village School and Orphanage as a project-below is an update from Steve, in Nepal.

We are trying assess the needs and requirements which I am sure you will appreciate are many.

There are almost 50 houses in the Village that were badly damaged and rendered unsafe. I have heard that the government has announced they will provide around US$ 2000 per household to re-build. It is estimated that a simple 2 room structure will cost around US$ 6000.00

The Orphanage needs to be completely rebuilt. A preliminary estimate has been put at between US$ 15-20,000. I am trying to get Dhorje and Ramesh to ascertain what assistance they will get from the government and other supporters. Fortunately it seems that the Iron roof structure is stable and the main requirement is the surrounding walls which could be a pre-fabricated structure.

The school seemed to survive the Quake quite well but there is a wall that need re-building. I expect this to cost around US$ 250.00.

I have discussed with Dhorje, the Principle of the school, to possibly raise funding to have a paid admin staff to help them with accounts and record keeping etc. I would estimate that a the salary for such a person would be around US$ 150.00 per month.

A MUST read for anyone considering volunteering in Nepal (and other developing countries).…/want-to-help-the-children-of-nepa…/

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