Seven people joined me for the return trek to Lang Tang. Its wide open spaces, majestic mountains, and people drew me back to this trek. Since this I’d taken a group of 12 there in 2017, I decided to return to share the beauty with more people. My appreciation of the people, scenery, butterflies, bees, monkeys, birds, yaks, ponies, and the river deepened this trip. Like last year, we enjoyed clear blue skies and no rain, but it was noticeably colder.

We hiked along a trail beside the river most of the way to Lang Tang.

Lang Tang is the first National Park in Nepal and there are still no roads and very few mule trains breaking down the delicate trails. A mule train going back and forth from Kyanjin Gompa (3870m/12,696.feet). to higher altitudes for the climbing expeditions passed us a few time. This tiem, we had a mule train too. Bhudhi, the Sidhdar (lead guide) told me he had trouble finding places for the staff to sleep last year so he decided to use mules. Group members loved our 15 mules who carried our duffle bags, tents, and other equipment.

This is a Stupa on the way to KYANJIN GOMPA (3870m/12,696.feet)

Buddhi was our Sidar again, Ram (the best cook ever) was our cook, and Raz (a guide from last year) was the assistant guide. We had 7 more porters and assistants. All of them were attending Univeresities for business or learning to be a teacher. This team proved to be exceptional and attended to the special needs of this particular group. They went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure everyone had their needs met. group was 7 women and Cory Storch, a Free Walker had joined with TOYL in 2016 for the Indigenous People’s Trail trek. Pat, who I’d met on a Freewalker’s Bobbie Kennedy Memorial trek last Spring also joined. She said, “I want to talk to the mountains. I have things to resolve.” And she did! Pat Fisher, another ( Three Wanderbirds joined me, Yukiko, Debroah, and Linda.

En route to KYANJIN GOMPA (3870m/12,696.feet)

My roommate/tent mate was Pam from Indianapolis. We’d gone to school together from kindergarten thru high school and hadn’t seen each other until our 50th high school reunion in 2017 when I asked her if she’d like to join the trek. She did and prepared herself by reading everything I sent her, trained and read a book about trekking in Nepal.

The itinerary was the same as the one in 2017 with three additional days. A rest day was added at Kyanjin Gompa (3870m/12,696.feet). Then, five of us continued a gradual climb to Langshisha Khaki (4400m. 14,435ft,), where we spent two nights. The other three opted to stay in a hotel in Kyanjin Gompa. Three staff members stayed with them to make meals, take them on a trek and help them if they needed anything.

View from the Temple on the hill

Our walk along the river valley up towards Ganjala reminded me of the wide open space I enjoyed when I trekked in Mustang years ago, but without the strong wind and sand. Yukiko had trekked in Mustang in 2017 and asked fascinating questions about the mountains, terrain and seemed to revel in the beauty surrounding her. We slowly m