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Leaving for Nepal Sunday!

Yesterday, I drove to Rockville, to give Audrey a lap top to take to Dadagaun Village. I met Brian at the National Geographic event to listen to Peter Athans, legendary climber, Mark Aldenderfer, archeologist , and Corey Richards, climber and photographer, talk about their expeditions to Mustang in Nepal. What a treat to meet them and hear about their experiences. Peter explained that Nepalese people are part of the landscape. They identify so closely with the changes in weather and environment they consider themselves part of it. Be sure to see the article, Sky Caves of Nepal in the October National Geographic Magazine. I left with the lap top that Brian had configured for me to take to Nepal.

Carolyn, who went last year, is driving me to Dulles Sunday am. I’ll fly on Air Emirates to Dubai, then to Kathmandu. I’ll be sending regular updates once I get there!

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