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October 28-Brothers’ and Sisters’ Day

The last day of tihar is ‘Bhai tika’, putting tika on your brothers by your sisters. The royal astrologer gives the appropriate time to put the tika through the national radio a day before and the entire nation abides by it. Even his majesty receives tika from is sisters. When his majesty receives tika a thirty-one-gun salute is given to honor the function. At this moment the entire nation will be observing bhai tika. The main theme behind bhai tika is the sisters praying for their brother’s long life from Yama Raj, god of the underworld. The most exotic and dazzling festival comes to an end after these five magnificent days of worship and honor to the goddess laxmi and the underworld kingdom.

We really love starting each day with a yoga class. We will miss it! Today, Michelle went with Sohan for more site seeing and shopping. Mozella, Carolyn and I stayed at the lodge.

Thanks to Carolyn’s know how and initiative, we worked several hours on entering data onto the spread sheet. The surprising things is-how much we are into getting this all compiled.

We had a good time talking about our experience and pulling together a narrative to include with the spreadsheet.

The time flew by!

Entering our data onto a spreadshee

Midday, Neeru invited us to join her and her sister in the kitchen for a cooking lesson. They made a particularly delicious chicken curry and vegetables, honoring their brothers. I can’t wait to try making it. They used exotic ingredients that I never heard of. It was delicious! We enjoyed the meal for lunch with her family.

Cooking lesson

In the afternoon, each of us had a massage in the cottage. It was wonderful.

Before dinner, Neeru spread out her sweaters, scarves and other pieces of pashmina from her business. We each bought a couple of things and she gave us good prices! I bought 2 sweaters and a gorgeous scarf. Steve showed all his guests the Imax movie about Everest. It stimulated alot of conversation over dinner that night! We are thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

Before bed, we sat around the dining room table in the cottage wrapping up our report and sharing our new ideas about our businesses and our lives. I’m thrilled that my vision has materialized. I am working with 3 women who are interested in uplifting others in the world. We put our heads together and finished the narrative. Carolyn emailed a copy to Steve and Christine!

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