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Plans for rebuilding Dadagaun Village homes and orphanage

Christine and Kurt in Australia, continue to spearhead our fundraising efforts to help  Dadagaun Village rebuild. Small groups in the USA and Steve’s contacts in England are also raising funds to help Dadagaun rebuild. The orphanage has received some significant financial aid and are well underway with rebuilding using prefab panels (donated from a group in Oman) and the existing steel frame which remained unscathed after the quakes. Rebuilding will begin in the fall after the monsoons end.

We are being careful to make sure donations will be shared among the villagers and the orphanage fairly and insuring those with the most need are recieve adequate help. We are taking our time to determine just how to do this. A friend of Christine’s, Bruce Davidson, who is very experienced working in community development is willing to act as our representative and spend 6 weeks this summer interviewing villagers in Dadagaun. He has worked in poor countries like Africa, developing countries like Fiji, rural areas of Australia and as the Head of the Local Council (perhaps like VDC) in a busy place called Noosa. We are lucky to have his help if the villagers agree, he could assess the needs of individual families, look at their requests, help them with applications for financial support and distribute funds.

2015-04-29 10.43.48
temporary housing for children after the earthquake

temporary housing for children after the earthquake

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