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Poems and an email from Mozella

Annapurna South at dawn

Annapurna South at dawn

I thought you’d like to see this email Mozella sent her contacts after she got back. You’ll see why it was wonderful to have her company on our trip.  I’ve also included her poems in this post.

Dear Friends,

I have just returned from a wonderful ten day voluntourism trip: Sydney Frymire’s The Trek Of Your Life™ —

Breaking the ice with villagers warming up to questions and conversations — Sounds of Kathmandu — 

Trekking up seemingly impossible stone steps — Avoiding more cow dung than I’ve ever seen in my life —

Mingling with passing strangers around a Lodge fire — Navigating my way through curiosity and differences —

Stunned by sometimes shy, snowy Himalayan ranges — Captivated by foot hills we would call mountains — Fresh air

and crowing roosters — Flapping prayer flags and spinning prayer wheels — Buddhas, temples and 

gods galore — The soft celebratory flames of The Festival of Lights.



p.s. attached are three poems i wrote that are

reflective of various experiences on my trek…enjoy

Waking Up To What I Couldn’t See    

Shrouded … yet in place not going anywhere …just waiting for meGlistening  and

spilling truth  across a clear blue skyTransformed by movement that lifted  just in time

so that when  I woke upThe  light was on..

… Annapurna smiled

Through  Blue Eyes

A stranger trekking  on the  other side  of

a    narrow  path tells  me  she  has  not  seen my kind on this trailThis trail, I think-­‐ green land, brown people -­‐ and she has not seen meI  perceive  that we are one even though the women who

walk with me, on the same  side of the stone steps of the Himalayan foot hills,Who hear the same village voices, and experience  the colours  of cultureSee  through  a different  lens, and interpret with another understanding

As  though our boots  and  our

walking sticks are not one behind the other

Same path

but we do not see each other

One path

though we do not have the same view

Same path

my eyes are not blue


Say you closed eyes,

bowed head

and touching palms

Namaste on life’s

narrow, earthen paths

in her royal, silken

       expansive air

Not my significance….yours

for You are the One

Namaste for spirits

merely walking

through each other

…and for those

so intertwined

Namaste for a soul

                                                                                    hardened by hello

Mozella Perry Ademiluyi

                                                                                                                                November, 2011©

Baby sleeping November, 2011©

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