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Report from the Basa Village Foundation USA


First off, let me thank you on behalf of the BVF Board and especially the people of Basa, for your past contributions to Basa Village Foundation USA. The people of Basa are doing very well and our sister organization that we work closely with have sights on several projects (some small, some large – more below) for 2019 and beyond. Read the full Nov 2017 Trip Report here.

Because you all are important to the BVF efforts and constitute the members of our national and international community, we have a yearly meeting (phone conference) to provide an update and open the floor for feedback and suggestions.

Member conference Unfortunately, I have been unable to arrange a meeting for 2018 due to personal reasons so am going to set up a phone conference for WEDNESDAY JANUARY 16 or JANUARY 23 at 6pm PT / 9pm ET.

If you have a date preference PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Year-end fundraising 2018 is soon closing which brings the opportunity to spend some tax deductible dollars to your favorite nonprofit – and we hope that is BVF USA! If you are interested in helping fund any of the following projects you can easily and quickly make a donation online through our secure form, or if you are old-fashioned and would prefer to mail a check, please mail to: Basa Village Foundation USA c/o Joel Meyers, Fuse IQ 220 2nd Ave. South #118 Seattle, WA 98104

Projects BVF USA communicates with Basa Foundation Nepal board members in determining projects. Ideas are generated by Basa Foundation and the BVF USA Board asks questions, discusses and determines projects to fund and levels of funding. Through the Summer/Fall of 2018, and from in-person conversations in Kathmandu with Basa Foundation the following projects are what we would like to fund in 2019 (with your help!).

English Teacher: English is mandatory to learn and very important to the children of Basa to provide job opportunities. To increase the efficacy of this program we are in agreement to fund a well-vetted, salaried English teacher $3,250/yr Goal: $16,250 – funding for 5 years Supplies to support learning English: $500

School Grounds Expansion: The student population is growing and in order to accommodate this growth there has been a request to fund the purchase of land and building a retaining wall. Land: $3,570 Wall: $1,070

Medical Training: Basa now has a Community Clinic in the village and have 2 people to work in the clinic. These persons are at nurse level and there is the desire to increase their medical knowledge and provide medical supplies. This would serve injured persons for immediate and minor problems, there is a larger more advanced clinic a couple hours walk away that is accessible by road. Training: $450 Supplies: $300

Please consider helping us fund these projects. BVF USA is a volunteer-run organization so your donations will go directly to these projects. Donate online through our secure form >>

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