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The Time is Finally Here!

BETHESDA, MARYLAND, USA, Oct. 17, 2011 — The time is finally here!  Trek of your Life boards a plane to Nepal October 17. A couple of us will fly thru London to visit friends before flying onto Katmandu via Bangkok.

Departing for the Airport

Others are flying to Doha, Qatar and then to Kathmandu.

We are so excited about the adventures waiting for us! This small group of hikers has been preparing for this adventure for several months. While we are in Katmandu we will experience the fascinating exotic culture in Nepal by visiting prehistoric sites,Buddhist Temples, and Hindu religious sites.  And we’ll have plenty of time to hike, take yoga, shop and have fun.We will also spend time working with the Dadgaun Village Project team. We will help develop at database of information about the village community.  The database will be used by the Dadgaun Village Project team in their work increasing development in the community. For more information about the project, click here.

Dhorie Lama, the school principal,will introduce us to the villagers.   He and his daughter will translate for us and advise us on culturally sensitive issues. We will be able to visit homes in the village, make observations and take photos. This promises to be an enriching experience for all of us and one that we will remember for a long time.

Then, we’ll fly to Pokhara (a 30 min. flight) to hike to a lodge at the base of the awe inspiring Annapurna Mountains. We’ll spend a couple of days hiking and taking in the beauty of these mountains. Nepalese believe that gods reside in these majestic mountains. I do too.

Thank you for your interest in our voluntourism trip to Nepal. So many of you have encouraged me and helped develop my Trek of Your Life Program. I’m so grateful. I can hardly believe that after all these years of dreaming it to life, it is here! It is really happening! You can follow our trip on my blog. The link is on my home page,  I’ll write again when we get back!

warmly, Sydney

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