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TOYL Trek to Pike Peak in Nepal and voluntourism Extension

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Below is a link to the photos I took while I was in Nepal last month. We arrived during Diwali/Tihar or the Festival of Lights. it is a five-day Hindu festival in the autumn that celebrates the intimate relationship between animals, people and the spiritual victory of light over darkness, and good over evil, It also worships Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, culminating in Laxmi Puja when rangoli patterns are made with colored powder and flowers. She represents abundance and wealth. It was a festive time to begin the trek!  If you’d like to see them, please copy the link and paste to your search engine.

Some photos show the workshop (Move For Change) Susan Chaudry and I gave for the young women rescued by Change Action Nepal/Indira Ghale. Then there are photos of the trek, followed by ones of the voluntourism extension. The trek was to Basa Village, the home village for Adventure Geo Trek. The village is supported by various groups, including the Basa Village Foundation.

After the trek, several group members joined the voluntourism extension which included a visit to the Mountain Children’s Home, the school, and we had two delicious meals provided by members of the women’s’ group at the homestays in Dadagaun Village. The last one is of them selling their organic vegetables from the home closest to the entry to Greenway resort.

The youngsters in the Children’s Home are growing up! Neeru Webster and I met coordinated with Ramesh and Gita to meet separately with the girls and boys in two separate groups. First of all, I was impressed by how well they all speak English. Most of them are in high school now and have career goals. As always, it was wonderful to wrap up the month at Shiva Puri Cottages and work with Neeru Webster.

Thank you for joining the trek as trekkers, donors, advisors, and friends. Without you, none of this would be possible. Your contributions have gone very far to change lives in Nepal and in ours.

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