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Update, 2014 trip to Nepal and Music Program

Children playing their new instruments

Children playing their new instruments

Our music/dance program was more successful than anyone imagined it would be. While we were there we had a chance to get to know many of the musicians. They are the most gracious people we’ve ever met. Thanks to your generous donations ( which I carried with me to deposit directly into the school’s bank account.) 14 bansuris (flutes), 10 sarangis and four drums were purchased for the children we work with in Nepal. There was enough money to pay schools fees for 36 orphans. ($52/child/year)

The staff, children and group members are thrilled. High quality, beautifully made instruments were purchased directly from the artists below budget and retail cost. The music teacher hired to teach the children for one year, Arjune Chandaba, helped find some of the instruments, carved some of the sarangis himself and will help maintain them. We’re planning another concert in 2015 and hope the children can play for us.

Here is a link to see pictures and videos of our experience. You’ll see concert photos, Arjune sitting in the back of the truck with the instruments, several of us carrying them to the school through the village, the instruments and the children learning to use them. We had a fund raising concert and raised more money to contribute in case more instruments are needed.

So much enthusiasm and interest was generated the day before we left Nepal, several members in our group volunteered to do more fund raising for a private non-profit working with human traffic victims in Nepal. This was a big surprise for me. Since we’ve been back, we raised another $2,500 selling bracelets. As you’ve probably gathered by now, a little bit of money goes a very long way in Nepal!

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