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Update on the Manaslu trek and a summary of 2020 efforts

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

This blog post contains an update on the Manaslu trek and a summary of 2020 efforts to support programs in Nepal during this difficult time in our world.

Sadly, because COVID continues to spread in Asia, our trek will be postponed until March 23—April 11, 2022. I’ve been assured we’ll have good weather and Spring flowers. There is a chance of rain and snow but we’ll be rewarded daily with extraordinary views and life long memories. Since COVID gave me more time, the itinerary has been changed for the better. This one is for 18 days in Nepal. You’ll be out on trek 13 nights. The new price is $2,852.50. The extra days will give you time to acclimatize, a day for sight-seeing, and an extra night after the last day of the trek. Usually we get back to Kathmandu Guest House in the evening. An extra day before you leave gives you a free day to explore, shop, have a massage, rest, and to enjoy the celebratory dinner on your last night. I suggest you make your return airline flight late on April 11. Please note that the itinerary is subject to change. Those of you who have trekked in Nepal before that safety is the top priority and often any changes are equally as fun as the planned day. Let’s plan to have a zoom call and go out for a Nepalese dinner in Maryland in December 2021 to answer questions and address any concerns you might have before you register for the trek.

MORE INFORMATION ABOUT TOYL PROJECTS IN NEPAL It was disappointing not to be able to travel to Nepal in 2020 and now again in 2021. It was heartening and encouraging that previous group members and friends stepped up to donate financially to The Mountain Children’s Home, Kedar’s Food program, and ChangeAction Nepal page. Even more encouraging are those who have continued to donate to these projects. The total amount raised was about $10,000. Jim Forman, fell in love with the Mountain Children’s home and gave substantial donations before COVID. Last year he committed to sending monthly donations for food and tuition. Since 2012 Barry and Audrey Suskind have sent a yearly donation to pay for school supplies and tuition. Others have mailed me checks and I use money gram to wire donations to Change Action Nepal. 100% of the money is donated to these deserving programs. These donations uplift families in Nepal! Below is an example of how little money is needed to feed a family of 5 for a month. Here is the list of what a family receives. Rice: 1 bag (30kg) Dal: 2.5 kg Cooking oil: 1 liter Salt: 1.5 kg Soap: 5 pieces Vegetables: 5 kg

Move For Change Workshops It took years to develop trusting relationships with staff working in grassroots NGOs rescuing and educating survivors of human trafficking. My colleagues and I have developed workshops (Move For Change) for Shakti Samuha and Indira Gale the founder of Change Action Nepal. Below is a link to a video of Indira talking about her work and our relationship. I’ve also included a short video of the workshop Susan Chaudry and I gave for the girls in 2019.

One of my colleagues is Sandra Fideley from Australia. We started to work together in 2014 when we had a fund raiser for the school music program in Sarangi the vegetarian restaurant next to Kathmandu Guest House (we stay at KMG) created to help musicians sustain their careers. In addition to enjoying the vegetarian, vegan, organic food, we've enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere. It is an oasis in lively Thamel.

Sarangi Restaurant Facebook Page Sarnagi staff and musicians hosted the Move for Change workshops created with my colleagues to serve grass roots groups rescuing human trafficking survivors. During COVID, Kedar, the music therapist and manager at Sarangi, started a food camp to help families during COVID.

When Kedar reached out to me to support his food program, I was hesitant and contacted Sandra. She simply wrote, “These are unprecedented times.” She offered to send me some of the bags designed in Nepal to thank donors. Below is a photo of Lisa who loves the bags! Sandra is involved in several different projects and produced shopping bags designed by native artists. If you’d like to buy one click here: Here is a photo of the bags and a trekker with one of the bags she received for donating.

A Personal Touch from Sydney

None of the work I do in Nepal would be possible without the generosity and kindness of the people who have trekked with me and friends. Thank you!

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