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Update re fund raiser at Ghar-E-Kabab for school supplies in Nepal

Thanks to all the guests who enjoyed delicious food and great conversation, over $1,000 was raised for Dadagaun and Basa villages in Nepal. The goal for both villages, is to support programs that will help the villagers maintain their culture and be self-sustaining.

We were fortunate that the Ambassador from Nepal, Dr. Shankar Prasad Sharma joined us for about 30 minutes. He answered many questions we had about Nepal. He also told us that people from the United States are the 3rd largest number of tourist, that travel to Nepal has doubled in the last 2 years and 40% of the people who visit Nepal, return. This is a very high percentage for returning travelers. Lok Tiwari, the owner Ghar-E-Kabob explained that the difference between Nepalese and Indian food is Nepalese food is cooked in Mustard oil and doesn’t use cream. I always wondered about this.

Christine (contact for Dadagaun Village) has been working with our group to plan our volunteer project. Since two of the men joining our group have gotten 3 lap tops to take with us. They are configuring them here. They will teach the teachers and the children how to use and maintain them, once they are set up. One of the women in our group is an accountant and is planning to teach Dorje (school principal) and the older children some basic accounting skills. I’m planning to lead a mother’s group with many of the young women I met last year. Fortunately, Neru, Steve’s wife who translated for me last year, will co-lead the group. Here is a link to photos that Christine sent me from her last visit in March. More to come!

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