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A socially conscious travel trip that will bring lasting change to your life!

Socially Conscious Travel is the fastest-growing segment of the travel industry. More and more travelers are looking for a deeper travel experience and a way to give back to the countries they visit. See the sights, shop, dine and relax as you would on any trip and then spend a few hours devoted to a needed project or service. Those few hours are an opportunity to experience different cultures, religions and traditions while making a difference. Sometimes lasting friendships are formed. Through socially conscious travel you begin to understand the common threads connecting the human experience even when people are separated by borders and oceans. It is an experience you'll always remember.


In addition to the volunteer opportunities offered, 10% of the trip costs are donated to grassroots groups rescuing survivors of human trafficking. For the last several years, my colleagues and I have developed a training program for staff working for these groups. 

Upcoming Trips

Tsum Valley in Manaslu Park, NepaL
October 29 - November 19, 2022

$2,955 per person, based on double occupancy
Single Supplement (additional) $395.00)


Manaslu has a lot to offer to trekkers, from the beautiful scenery of the majestic Himalayan ranges and high altitude glacier lakes to rich biological and cultural diversity. Ecologically The Manaslu Conservation Project Area has a diverse range of habitats which boasts much rare flora and fauna such as Snow leopard, Lynx, Musk deer, Red fox, Jackal, Brown bear and their prey species such as Blue sheep, Himalayan tahr, Himalayan serow, wooly hare and Himalayan marmot.

Voluntourism Extension
october 26 - 29, 2022

$500 Double Occupancy, $250 Single Supplement

Pick-up from the airport and transported to Shiva Puri Guest House. In addition to a million-dollar view of
Kathmandu and warm hospitality, this is a welcome respite from the
busy streets of Kathmandu, fun, and a great way to begin or end your
stay in Nepal.


I am so grateful to have a friend like you, and so greatful that you showed me how to expand my horizons of adventures and to present me another beautiful world , the world of hiking!!!!


It opened another universe were I was able to overcome many fears and enjoy beyond the world I knew!!! Many thanks,

Karin Focke-she has joined me for 3 treks

“... You were an incredible leader, reaching out to each and everyone one of us. I was amazed at how patient you were with all of our questions. Thank you for the personal encouragement you gave me as we trudged up and down those hills. I had a lovely time in Katmandu.”

— Hope Lockridge

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