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Music program & Fund Raising Concert for children in Nepal

Our next voluntourism group is going to Nepal October 21, 2014. We’re returning to volunteer in Dadagaun Village School and orphanage in the foothills surrounding Kathmandu. Enough money was raised to use Nepalese music and dance to enhance the school curriculum, improve academic success and attendance. Because of  generous donations these talented bright children will learn the value of Nepalese music, dance and art. In addition to buying instruments for them to play, we hope a music teacher will be hired to teach at the school twice a month for a year. Maybe other native teachers will begin to think they can have a career in music too!

We will buy:10 sarnagis (fiddles) , 10 bansuri (flutes), 10 madal (drums),10 morchunga (harps) for the children to use. Don’t miss the video on Crowdrise of the children and musicans we saw in Nepal last year. A fund raising concert for the school is planned in Kathmandu. This is the flyer that was designed for us to use to advertise.

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