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News From Basa Village, South of Everest

The photos in the previous post are of the Orphanage in Dadagaun Village, located in the foothills in Nepal. These are the children we assist when we travel there.

In 2013, we traveled to Basa Village because Jeff Rasely invited me to be on the board of his foundation to assist Basa. The goal is for Basa to be self-sustaining. Depending on how things shake out in Nepal, I’m planning to join Jeff’s group to trek to Basa again. We have staggeringly beautiful views of Everest and the surrounding giant mountains and trek through untouched country side. Our main contact in Nepal, Niru Rai, Chairman of BVF-Nepal reports that Basa village has suffered catastrophic damage from the earthquake. So, the specific goal of this fundraising campaign will be to help re-build Basa and to restore the village school, hydro-electric system, water system, smokeless stoves and the other village infrastructures the BVF-USA has supported. We won’t distribute any funds until we can make a meaningful assessment of needs of the village and, as is our practice, our Board will be guided by our friends in Nepal to determe how we can best help the villagers of Basa.

GoFundMe account Link:

Or, you can make donations direct to the Foundation. Check payee: Basa Village Foundation Mail care of: Jeff Rasley, 6422 Ralston Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46220 For more information about Basa Village,

Below is Niru’s response to Jeff’s email letting him know we are raising money to help rebuild the village, so when you can let us know what is needed. We would like to help rebuild in ways that will better protect the houses, and school in case of future earthquakes. If any local engineers or experts are recommending how to make structures stronger using local materials, we will want to report that to our donors.

Dear Jeff, Namaste! Thanks for your kind message. I just checked again in Basa by phone and we can confirm that the School building is fine and no damage there. Only the homes of the people have been damaged and destroyed.

Yes the water and electric system are also okay.

Depending on the fund and budget available we will have to plan for rebuilding Basa village in such a way that for future it can be safe in such or even worse condition of earthquakes. At the moment we haven’t planned or even thought how to rebuild the village in much safer way so, we will have to see the condition of all the homes in Basa and also how much fund we have etc then we can plan together something suitable. If you guys from there have any suggestion for how to make the homes more safer then kindly let us know, it will be very great to have your suggestions too.

Thank you very much for your so kind supports and help always. best regards Niru

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